Tuesday, February 17, 2015

DIY succulent terrarium

So I went to HomeGoods this week to get a birthday present for a friend, and of course came out with more than I planned to get. But seriously, this little glass terrarium was speaking to me. I decided to get a little crafty and create this for the studio! I don't have much of a green thumb, so I totally resorted to artificials. Hey, this mama ain't too proud for fake greenery.

Here's what I used:
Terrarium... $30
Succulents... $14
Floral Foam... $3
Natural Moss... $4

It took me all of five minutes to assemble. Can't wait to find a sunny little spot in the studio. To help the fake succulents grow, of course.

Have you gotten crafty lately?

Thursday, February 12, 2015

DIY scratch-off valentines!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Ah, I had so much fun making these little modified scratch-off Valentines with our little guy this past weekend, and wanted to share! As you know, Valentine's Day is quite the occasion when you're in Kindergarten. We made a special trip to Target to choose out goodies for the bags (which I had on hand for a rainy day), and designed the cards together on my computer. Here's my confession, to all you mommas: I had him hand-write his message on a single sheet of paper, and then snapped a shot with my iPhone so we could print it on the cards. Honestly, we've lived and learned. Little hands get tired. Next year may be different, but in this case I was able to take his handwriting, drop it in the file, and print out 25 copies of his little note. This freed us up to sticker them, stuff each of the bags, and tape them shut with some cute washi tape.

All of our paper goods in the Inklings shop are professionally printed, but it was fun to whip these up and get the instant gratification of printing them in the studio. Of course, we ran out of ink and I had to remind myself that 6-year-olds are more concerned with the candy than the banding. 

Wishing you all a sweet Valentine's Day this week with the ones you love!

Monday, February 9, 2015

hip hip hooray!

Our customers mean the world to us! We are so grateful to each and every one of you. Thank-you for allowing us to do what we do, and for sharing your experiences with us so we can only get better for you. We read each and post every review that is left in our shop (the good, and the bad) and your words truly mean the world to us!

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