Wednesday, May 16, 2012

baby owl scratch-offs!

A cute owl or woodland creature is hard to resist. As is a scratch-off. Bring them together, and you get our newest scratch-off cards! Like all our other scratch-offs, these are printed on premium, ultra-thick satin coated paper and are sweetly packaged in a frosted pillow envelope. I love the rounded corners on these as well. Package them in a sweet glassine envelope with a penny, and you're all set for a chic door prize or shower / party game.

Find them on our Etsy store!

Have a hoot!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

wine and design lovers, unite!

I'm pleased to share a sneak peek at some designs I'll be introducing for the first time this coming Thursday. Vintags® bottle hangers slip over the neck of a wine bottle to add style and personality to your gift and keep it from getting lost in the crowd! They're a fun alternative to wine bags, and will most likely come sweetly packaged in sets of six.

I love paper, and I love wine. A bottle of wine is the perfect last-minute gift that I've found myself grabbing on my way out the door to a special event (for which I'm inevitably 15 minutes late). The problem was that a wine bottle by itself seemed impersonal, and usually got lost in the shuffle when I arrived. Wine bags are a nice option, but I never have them on hand and they usually get tossed aside when you get to the party. That's when I started designing little cheeky gift cards to hang around the necks of wine bottles. Pretty soon, they became talking points at the party, and added personality to my otherwise last-minute gift. They're easy to keep on hand, and are made of premium matte-coated paper for durability.