Saturday, October 5, 2013

caleb's pirate party!

Dear Caleb,

I blinked, and you turned five. Yesterday, you were just a 9lb 3oz warm, cooing weight in my arms. Today, my arms were full and you held the door open for me without me asking. Twice. My heart grew when you were born five years ago, and it hasn't stopped growing. God is so good.

Today, we celebrated your 5th birthday. Every day, you see us package and ship dozens of paper products for other people. You look on my computer screen and ask me what kind of scratch card I'm making. So I set out to create a collection especially for you!

Last December when we took you to Magic Kingdom for your first time, you absolutely loved the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. I thought that it would give you nightmares, but you came bounding out of the ride begging to go on it again. (But not before purchasing a plastic sword first, of course.) A pirate party seemed like just the thing!

I may have gotten a little carried away perusing Pinterest for inspiration. I may have put my paper engineering skills (and patience) to the test by making dozens of little pirate ship cupcake wrappers this week. But as much as I love all of these little details, I never want them to come at the expense of missing those little moments that go by so fast. 

Like the expression on your face today when you saw the room decorated for the first time. 

And the fact that you conceded to putting on a striped shirt this morning… even though you've made it clear to us that "stripes and plaid aren't fun". 

And the sound of your voice cracking when you got really excited over each and every gift you opened. 

And overhearing you tell your pal how cool his hand-drawn card was in the middle of gift opening. 

Or seeing you run around with your pack of buddies with the biggest smile on your face, getting sweaty as you burned off the sugar buzz. 

And seeing you leave with the last balloon (a white one) with gratitude, even though you wanted red. The four-year-old Caleb might have shed some tears over this one. But not the five-year-old.

Because at the end of the day, a Pinterest-perfect party doesn't hold a birthday candle you. 

Love you, bud!




P.S. You can see the printable Classic Pirate Collection here!

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