Thursday, May 15, 2014

ethan's first birthday party!

Dear Ethan,

You're one! Getting to know you this past year has brought me the greatest joy, so I thought I'd write this little post to you. 

A little about you right now: You love your big brother, and you love to drum. The other day, the dryer was going and thumping out a beat. I turned to see you bopping in time. Every time music plays (or any type of beat, for that matter), you bop your head and move around and bring smiles to everyone nearby. So it's pretty appropriate that most of the gifts you received for your birthday were musical. You pound those drums with the biggest, most toothy smile!

You hardly ever cry. Except when you're hangry, or when a tooth is bothering you. And you drool. Boy, can you ever drool. So we keep these fabulous little BibbyBubby bandana bibs on hand, and pretty much soak through five bibs a day. We do loads of laundry just for bibs these days. 

You're not too mobile yet, and up until this point you've just been pretty content to let the action come to you. And believe me, there's a lot of that around our house. So you roll places, and usually find yourself in sticky situations. 

Your nicknames right now are Monchichi, Loverton, Lovenut, Droolerson, and E-fin (thanks to your big brother).

This weekend was Mother's Day, but we also celebrated your birthday with family members and a few close friends. It was a fun, beautiful, simple day and you were surrounded with those who love you most. You attacked the cake with enthusiasm, and enjoyed opening gifts with the assistance of your big bro. Here are some snapshots from the day.

My hope and prayer for you? That you will grow up to love and honor God with your life. That you will love others genuinely, and with a servant's heart. That a deep and lasting friendship will form between you and your big brother. That you will discover your true passion, and that you'll find satisfaction in it. You know... little things like that.

Love you to the moon and back!


Noisemakers by Oh Joy from Target. Printable cupcake toppers by Inklings Paperie.