Friday, May 1, 2015

Quote Keeper 101

I'm a mom of two boys (6 and 2 years old), and believe me when I say that I hear some crazy things around our house on a daily basis! For the longest time, I was sharing these quotes with friends and family on Facebook. I realized though that sharing them this way wasn't preserving them in a way that our kids could enjoy them years down the road. And more often than not, by the time I had a spare moment to get to my computer, I had forgotten what had been said!  

I designed our Quote Keeper ring to be an easy thing for moms, dads, or caregivers to grab in the moment and jot down that saying (or writing down that milestone) before the spaghetti pot boils over.  I've been using for the past year, and have shared some tips below! (scroll down)

It's the baby book for busy parents with funny kids! (is that you?)

 1. Be creative

I’ve found that baby books and scrapbooking can be overwhelming. It’s so easy to feel defeated when you stare at those empty pages. Consider the QuoteKeeper your 60-second baby book (or journal if your kiddos are older). Don’t worry about spending any longer than one minute on a single card. You can begin when they’re five days old, or five years old. Before your little one’s even talking, use it to record those milestones and little memories, fun things you did, or friends who visited. Just jot it down while the memory is fresh so it’s off your mind, and on a card!


2. Keep it nearby

Store your Quote Keeper where life happens. For me, this is the kitchen. I hang my ring on our fridge with a magnetic hook so it’s easy to grab. Your ring’s waterproof, tear-resistant cover is designed to offer extra protection, with rounded corners to prevent cards from becoming dog-eared.


3. Let it grow with you

Add re-fill cards in different colors to record quotes from each child, with divider cards you can customize with each of their names. Different colors can also be used to color-code sections of your ring for unique purposes: quotes, milestones, memories, and more! For our two boys, I use two colors on a single ring so it's easy to grab. When they get older, I can separate the cards and give them their cards as a gift... or keep them around for when they go off to college and I need to have a good cry.


Don't forget that we have a monthly giveaway going on. Snap a picture of your kid's most hilarious quote card and tag it with #QuoteKeeper and @InklingsPaperie and be entered into a monthly drawing for FREE re-fill cards!


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