Sunday, February 17, 2013

"Prince" or "Princess"... what will it be?

I thought I'd share a peek inside my sketchbook at the making of a new Baby Gender Reveal Scratch-off card we're just about to launch! With a certain royal couple who are expecting, I've used royalty as inspiration for this new card design... enjoy!

P.S. Click the link below for a story by ABC News about fun ways to reveal a baby's gender. They contacted us earlier this year asking for scratch-off samples, and we decided instead to design the special new card below for the occasion.

Some little details added to the card were the triple chevron pattern (inspired by the Middleton Family Crest), and the motif at the top of the carriage (inspired by the Queen's vintage Cartier crown, worn by Kate Middleton on her wedding day).   

The cards have a shiny metallic finish, with cute polka dots in a varnish that give it an extra "shine". Scratching the carriage reveals either "Prince" or "Princess".

Cards each come packaged in their own little glassine envelope.

Cards are available for purchase here.