Wednesday, May 4, 2011

i scream, you scream

When we purchased our house in 2008, we failed to realize the convenience (and danger) of having an icecream shop literally at the entrance to our subdivision. With chocolate peanut butter icecream at an arm's length, let's just say that we became frequent customers. All in the name of "quality family time," of course. So when we hopped on our bikes for the first time this spring to make our first annual trip to Scoopy's, our two-year-old was dismayed to see a "FOR SALE" sign in the door. Crushed, in fact. Okay, it was mom who was crushed. But the little man was a little disappointed too.

So in honor of Scoopy's, and in hopes that someone will buy the store and open its doors again before the first sound of summer crickets, I share this tasty packaging for Honey & Mackie's by Wink. Don't you just want to lick them? (the icecream, that is...)

I recently had the pleasure of doing some brand consultation and development for a client that led to my researching vintage typography and graphic design (read more about it here). I loved poring over the charming, whimsical details in 50's an 60's advertising and literature. Rather than recreating what's already been done though, the true challenge is reinterpreting it to be fresh and relevant today. Wink has done just that in their packaging below.

So if anyone's looking to venture out as an entrepreneur, might I suggest opening a Honey & Mackie's in Canton, Michigan? You'll have at least three faithful customers to help get your business off the ground!

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  1. [wiping drool and tongue marks off the screen]

    Mmmm, yes. Typography.