Thursday, January 3, 2013

baby on the way!

The last few months have been quite a whirlwind. I'm pleased and excited to share that we've got a baby on the way... for all three of you who didn't know already.

After we told our family and close friends, I thought it would be fun to announce our news on Facebook in a fun way.  I credit the idea to this source. I'm not sure if they were the first ones to do it, but I thought it was darling!

Here's what you don't see in the picture:

1. The wind that October day, which seemed to make capturing an upright shot of a balloon (let alone FOUR balloons) impossible.

2. The tangled balloons, or the matchbox cars in the toes of the smaller shoes to prevent them from blowing away.

3. Two of the balloons actually blowing away, with mom-to-be uttering a few words which will not be repeated. I will not disclose which balloons blew away, for fear that the superstitious among you might think that it was in any way foreshadowing...

4. The looks I was given from neighbors walking their dogs around the commons. Who wouldn't slow to look at a lone woman laying across the concrete path, talking to herself, taking photos of balloons... tied to shoes? Yup. All in the name of creativity.

5. The hours spent later that evening in Photoshop to piece together this picture.

All in all, I'm glad I did it... because 1,392 pins later, I've FINALLY done something that I had pinned on Pinterest. ;)

And since taking this picture, we've found out that we're having another BOY. Very exciting. Our little guy (4) is thrilled about being a big brother, and has affectionately named his kid brother "Doodle". This could be interesting.


  1. Keep 'em coming! blog posts that is.... ; )

    Very creative announcement! Happy, happy news!

    1. Thank-you Autumn Rose! Yes, the blog posts are definitely easier to push out. And blog ideas don't wake me up every two hours in the night, so I'll gladly keep 'em coming. Thanks for the congratulations!

  2. Congrats to you and your expanding family!!

    1. Thank-you so much Jill! We're very excited.