Saturday, December 6, 2014

Marsala: Pantone's 2015 Color of the Year

Pantone has announced Marsala as the 2015 Color of the Year! Pantone has been inspiring the world as the standard for color communication and inspiration since 1963. Every year, their Color of the Year is highly anticipated, with Radiant Orchid reigning supreme in 2014! 

We've created this fun infographic to show the chosen colors since Pantone began this tradition in 2000. Many of these shades helped to inspire our color palette, and we've listed some of these colors at the bottom of the chart. Which Color of the Year is your favorite?

Pantone describes Marsala as a "naturally robust and earthy wine red."  Marsala has been met with a wide range of responses (both adoration, and criticism) as it comes across as earthy and muted compared to the vibrant, more optimistic shades in years past. We think that the shift to a more muted tone was bold and refreshing.

Inspired by Marsala, we're so pleased to share that our newest color offering is "Cranberry Marsala". Our Cranberry Marsala is a little bit less chalky than Pantone's Marsala, with raspberry undertones. We think it's so lovely with Champagne PinkTangerine, or Platinum Grey! 

Above, we've created a mood board with csme of our favorite color pairings for Marsala (above). 


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