Sunday, April 24, 2011

sunburst obsession

I have a confession. I've recently become obsessed with starburst mirrors and wall art. Okay, maybe the word "obsession" is a bit strong, but suffice it to say that it's caused me to eye every bed, couch and table in my house where a perfectly centered sunburst might be just the finishing touch that it needs.  

Case in point: a few years ago, I stumbled across this beauty, which spans a gorgeous four feet across the papaya-colored wall in my kitchen (please excuse the poor photo quality, ugly oak cabinets, and photographer's reflection). Two years later, this thing still makes me feel happy every time I look at it. Kind of like my son. Er, perhaps that's not the right comparison. In any case, I love it so much that it inspired the holiday cards I sent to my clients last year.

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Then came this leafy champagne-colored treasure, which I discovered last summer during a trip to Traverse City. At $175, it's pretty much the most expensive thing I've ever bought for a wall... but I had seen it months earlier and when I returned, it caught my eye again. Needless to say I snatched up, felt a wee bit guilty, but quickly got over it. 

Then came my more recent attempt to "adultify" the playroom in our lower level (translation: basement). That's right... adultify. You'll notice that this photo is strategically cropping out the train table and baskets of toys on either side.

Now that I've proven my case, you can now understand why I was so thrilled to come across these fun DIY projects that involved making a sunburst mirror... out of rulers! See the full project here on Design Sponge! Office supplies + groovy home décore = pure genius in my books. And no, I can't take credit for this mirror.

Another clever iteration is this wooden ruler mirror made out of wooden rulers (25 cents ea) and shish kebab skewers.

And perhaps my favorite for this spring due to the crisp, fresh feel of white against a colored wall (as well as the fact that this is made out of PAPER!) is the one shown below. Click here for complete DIY instructions by Nesting Place.

Three tips for using a sunburst mirror or wall art in your décor:

1. Think balance. These work best when centered over a piece of furniture such as a console table, a fireplace, or a bed. When hanging, consider also the distance between the circle and the piece of furniture. Many people hang their art too high on the wall. The center of your circle should be at eye level for the average person, unless of course you are positioning above a fireplace or higher piece of furniture. The mirror below could have been hung about 6" higher. Still, it's a gorgeous example of how a few unique pieces within a neutral palette can give a room character and a little "glam." Love.

2. Consider proportion and visual "weight." The mirror below feels proportionate to the room size, and fills the space over the fireplace well. It's also reflective, which gives it a lighter "visual weight" compared to the mirror over the bed (shown above). So even though it's a large piece, it doesn't feel too heavy in the room. Something with mirrored or metallic "spokes" helps it feel light and airy despite its size. Or you could also paint a darker frame white, as shown in the third picture.

3. Have fun. Break the rules a little. Display a group of them together on a larger wall. Similar finishes and the repeated circular shape helps to tie this collection together. You could spraypaint a bunch of them white, or add some whimsy to a child's room by painting them in a few different shades of the same hue (ie. pink).

Happy sunbursting!

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