Wednesday, November 16, 2011

a Pantone thanksgiving

I have a confession. I've discovered another love. It's called Pinterest. And all the time that I could have spent writing posts on this blog, I have instead been ogling over awesome DIY ideas, gorgeous design inspiration, and pinning all kinds of great things on my boards. If you haven't heard of Pinterest, it's a virtual pinboard and community where you can find all sorts of great ideas and inspiration. And if you HAVE heard of it, what are you doing here, silly?

Kidding. But thanks for stopping in nevertheless. Peruse the archives, check out my Pinterest page, and do visit back. I'll try not to wait another three months to post. Gulp.

And in anticipation of Thanksgiving, I want to share these fabulous Pantone-inspired placecards by Annemarie Buckley of the blog Frolic! Click here for the how-to on these awesome little paper goodies. I love the rusty fall colors and watercolor variations. Most of my family would probably look a them and remark on what nice, plain cards they are. So you may only go to the effort if you are inviting a slew of designers over to eat.

And if you're a Pantone fan, check out these great DIY Pantone magnets or Pantone cookies.

Have a colorful fall, and a fabulous Thanksgiving!



  1. Welcome to Pinterest! You'll start to forget what life was like without it! ;)

  2. Thanks @Jill! Yes, Pinterest has become a regular part of my day, and an endless source of inspiration. I'm hooked!