Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Etsy Store Makeover: E.Co Burlap

A very dear friend of mine recently opened an Etsy store, where she is selling burlap bags. A product with a world of potential for crafters, event planners, people who sew, landscapers... you name it. I was pleased to give her store a bit of a facelift. Everyone loves a good "before" and "after", so with her permission I'm sharing it with you.

The goal? To position her on Etsy as a premier seller of burlap supplies by giving her store a trendy, industrial look that would appeal to a diverse audience. In addition to a new store banner image, I designed a fun avatar / profile image that has an industrial feel, as well as a "custom listing" crest.

One idea was to tweak the name from "Eco Burlap Bags" to "E.Co Burlap" as a fun play on the word "Eco". We're still testing this to see how it flies. In the meantime, here is a look at the before and after.



Whether your shop is on Etsy or in Times Square, having a story to tell and a cohesive and compelling visual language for your brand is of equal importance. Consider your audience, and the desired personality you want your brand to convey. Then look at your store (or brand) and ask yourself if it aligns with that personality, or if there is a disconnect. What are all of the elements saying about your company, from the typography to the textures to the tone of your voice (written or spoken)? All of these elements (and more) create your brand.

Now go and buy some burlap!

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