Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Pantone's 2012 Color of the Year = A perfect fall wedding

Pantone has just released their Fall 2012 Fashion Color report, and we were excited to see a number of colors that are shared by our Inklings palette make an appearance on the top colors for the season! I will disclaim this entry by saying that we're not suggesting any affiliation to Pantone in any way... we are just inspired by their colors, and are excited when we see that our products are on trend.

Here's what's going to be hot in weddings and fashion this fall, according to Pantone:

Like Pantone's Pink Flambé? (Pantone 18-2133)
Try our Fuchsia Bachelorette Scratch-offs!

Like Pantone's Honey Gold? (Pantone 15-1142)
Then you'll love our bridal scratch-offs in Honey Yellow (coming soon!)

Like Pantone's Tangerine Tango? (Pantone 17-1463)
Then you'll love our bridal scratch-offs in Tangerine!

Like Pantone's Ultramarine Green? (Pantone 18-5388)
Then you'll love our bridal scratch-offs in Jeweler Blue!*
*This shade is a bit lighter and brighter than Ultramarine Green

Like Pantone's Titanium? (Pantone 17-4014)
Then you'll love our bridal scratch-offs in Platinum Grey!

Like Pantone's Rhapsody? (Pantone 16-3817)
Then you'll love our bridal scratch-offs in Rich Purple!*
*This shade is richer and deeper than Rhapsody, but is a great compliment.

Like Pantone's Rose Smoke? (Pantone 16-3817)
Then try our bridal scratch-offs in Blush Pink or these sweet baby stork scratch-offs in blush pink.
*Our blush pink is a bit more pure and not quite as "smoky" as Rose Smoke.

And while we're talking color, below are some of our favorite combinations from our bridal collection. The great thing about these designs is that they are all coordinated, so you can mix and match to create a palette that's a perfect expression of your style.

My favorite these days? It's a toss-up between Yellow + Platinum  and Tangerine + Platinum.

What about you? Whats your favorite color pairing?


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