Thursday, September 13, 2012


Over the past six days, I have seen old and new friends roll up their sleeves and show their support. I am completely humbled. This is not about a prize... it's about a dream. If you've just stumbled across this blog, I'm honored to have been nominated in the "American Made" awards by Martha Stewart. The winner will receive the opportunity to go to NYC for a workshop with Martha Stewart, will be featured in Martha Stewart Living, and will receive a 10k grant towards growing their business.

Here's the thing: I feel as though I've already won. No, not the grand prize. The opportunity to rub shoulders with such a phenomenal group of people. The friends and fans who have shown their support (many of whom I have yet to meet) has been overwhelming. One friend even created her own "mini sweepstakes", entering all those who voted and posted into a drawing for a Starbucks Giftcard. Seriously. Love her. All of your words of encouragement have meant so much to me. Trust me, it's nerve racking to put yourself (and your work) out there.

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I appreciate all of you so much... thanks for putting on your overalls with me.
In a figurative sense, of course. This girl is extremely grateful.


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