Saturday, September 29, 2012

inklings at the emmys! (part 1)

Last Monday was just another Monday morning
until I received an e-mail from Val Wilson, Producer of the official Emmy Awards Gift Bags. It seems that their researchers suggested Inklings as one of the 30 brands featured in the bags (seriously!?) at the upcoming 33rd Annual News & Documentary Emmy Awards in NYC... in one week. The task before us? Create 800 packages of products to ship to NYC in just THREE DAYS!

After deciding that we would participate, I got to work designing a custom package with a special insert especially for Emmy nominees and their guests! I took inventory of how much product we had in stock (2,401 Vintags for wine, to be exact... that gave us enough for three tags per pack, with just one to spare), and was so relieved and extremely grateful when some very dear friends offered to come over and throw down to get the packages assembled (thank-you Ami, Gretchen, Cheri, Jami, and Laurie!).

It's been a whirlwind week that's left us a little exhausted, but excited all the same about what this could mean for Inklings. My heart has been so encouraged by all of the support that my friends and family offered (including those who encouraged me to go for it when I was on the fence). One message from a close high-school friend made me smile:

"I know you've made your decision, but I just had a conversation with the 15-yr-old Lindsay who used to make hilarious fake business cards with me during French class, and when I told her that more than 15 years in the future she'd have this opportunity, she said it would be a dream come true. And it is. You were destined for this stuff! Go get 'em. Your 15-year-old self thanks you."

Please enjoy this sneak peek (below) at what all Emmy nominees and their guests will be receiving from Inklings! Each pack includes a different assortment of three Vintags from our collection of over 24 gift cards for wine! The insert reads, "At the Emmys, you don't want to be just another face in the crowd. (Your wine feels the same way)"

We hadn't yet made our Vintags available on our Etsy store, as we were waiting for the right time to launch them. I guess this is such a time! I'm pleased to say that on October 2nd, we will officially make Vintags available in our shop... just in time for all of you early shoppers to snag some great stocking stuffers and party gifts for the holidays! Slip a Vintag over the neck of a wine bottle and write your personal message on the back to transform any bottle of wine into a chic, personalized party gift that won't get lost in the shuffle! 

How great would it be to find a set of these in your stocking this Christmas? What about using them as party favors that guests will actually use? To sweeten the deal, we've designed a set of six Limited Edition Vintags for the upcoming 2012 Holiday Season... scroll to the very bottom for a preview of what's to come!

So now it's your turn to give us the scoop... what's YOUR favorite Vintag phrase?


P.S. Don't miss the "work in progress" shots of our fabulous crew of friends and family who threw down in the final hour to make the impossible possible!


  1. I've said it before, but it bears repeating in a major way: the recent EXPLOSION in recognition for Inklings is only a true reflection of your hard work, technical ability, and jaw dropping creativity. Congratulations on your much deserved and very rapidly approaching success!
    ~love, Sandi

  2. Thank-you so much Sandi! Although I did forget to put a shout out of thanks to you, the incredibly talented Sandi Martin (a.k.a. "The Mrs"), who thought up the name "Vintags" for this product. I appreciate your insight and availability as a sounding board SO much! Thanks for your kind words of congratulations, but they really are to be shared with the many people (such as yourself) who have my back! xo L