Monday, October 15, 2012

inklings at the emmys! (part 2)

By now, Morgan Freeman should have our Vintags in his hands. Perhaps he's read each clever little line aloud in his renowned narrative voice. Hehe.

Perhaps Diane Sawyer has given a bottle of Dom Perignon to close a friend on her birthday with one of her Vintags on it.

Why? Because Morgan, Diane Sawyer and 800 other Emmy nominees and their guests took home these great Emmy Swag Bags at the 33rd Annual News & Documentary Emmy Awards on October 1st. Inside each bag was a teensy tiny packet of goodies from Inklings Paperie!

You can read all about our crazy whirlwind of a week getting over 2,400 Vintags shipped to NYC here!

Below are some behind-the-scene shots from Off The Wall Promotions, the official provider of the Emmy Bags! It's incredible to see the work that goes into placing 30 brands into these coveted bags... all in the days and hours leading up to the event!

We were so pleased to be invited to participate, and it presented the perfect opportunity to launch our new Vintags (gift cards for wine)! We were even featured in a news article by Eric Lacy of MLive a few days after the event. You can read it here (Fact check: The Emmys were in NYC, not Hollywood... and we have been in business for 2 years, not ten). I'll admit, it was painful answering so many questions about myself (especially my age... haha!).

Hope you enjoy these shots... the bottom image shows what was in each package in greater detail.