Tuesday, January 4, 2011

simple things

Happy Tuesday! We spent a restful few days winding down after Christmas at the family cottage. It was just three of us and, despite the absence of snow, we made our own fun.

Since becoming a parent, I've discovered a new sense of joy in simple things. Like searching for sticks and pinecones for our little man to hold during a rickety wagon ride, and turning every corner in hopes of spotting a dog or other (small) furry creature.

If you've ever spent much time with a two-year-old, you'd know that this photo was taken early on in the wagon ride. The trip back was an "uphill, against the wind" kind of experience. Both literally and figuratively. And, while three days have passed and he's still talking about that wind, hopefully he remembers the unbridled joy he found in a stick when we first embarked on our little journey. Either way, I'm glad that I caught it on camera.

Have a simply lovely day!

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