Tuesday, February 15, 2011

the shoe shine guys

I'm excited to share a hot-off-the-press project I've done for The Shoe Shine Guys, a new business that a client of mine is launching! The Shoe Shine Guys are a full-service, mobile shoe-shine shop that will soon be bringing their personal services to office buildings in Southeastern Michigan.

Through my design business (Landgraff Design Group), I help my clients build strong, memorable brands. I've worked with some fabulous companies, churches and non-profit organizations. With that said, it's not everyday that a start-up comes to you with the complete package: a great concept, phenomenal business sense, and an understanding of how branding and strategic design are perhaps the most essential tools to invest in as you're starting a company.

The Shoe Shine Guys were that kind of client, and approached me to help them build their brand from the ground up. After learning more about their business and target clientele, I realized that there was a great opportunity to tap into the rich heritage of the shoe shine business. There is a certain vintage charm that is found in shoe shine tins, packaging, and turn-of-the-century signage that has proven to be a great source of design inspiration during the course of this project! John Early and his team truly are a delight to work with, and I'm proud to share some of the progress made so far.

Their final logo, business cards, and sweet 5" square postcards feature an eclectic use of type and pattern that are both nostalgic and contemporary. A spot UV varnish brings an extra richness to their printed materials (not to mention shiny shoes and a fun custom pattern I created for them), making each piece feel special and premium. If you're looking for a way to make your printed communications pop, try working with your designer to experiment with spot UV varnish. This special process places the varnish over a specific area in your design, causing it to catch the light and shine. It's like bling for your paper!

Look out for the Shoe Shine Guys near you as their truck makes their scheduled stops at office buildings in the Metro Detroit area this spring! You won't be able to miss their jet black truck, nostalgic graphics, and smiling faces as they work to make the Detroit area shine!

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