Saturday, March 19, 2011

then and now

Not long ago, a friend of mine shared photographer Irina Werning's series titled "Back To The Future." At first glance, I thought it was plain old Photoshop trickery. Being quite familiar with just about anything that can be done on the computer, I'm the biggest skeptic you'll find. It's hard to believe a photo for what it is these days. But when you scan through her entire collection (a few are a bit disturbing... be warned), the level of detail and lengths she went to replicate the original photos decades later is astounding. The locations, the lighting, the expressions... ├╝ber-cool!

My aunt recently shared some old family photos on Facebook (see picture above). It's always strange finding photos of yourself that you've never seen. This one is proof that I was indeed close to bald until well after my 2nd birthday. And if anyone can find the dog that's in this photo, I'd be glad to strike a pose in that cute little dress. ;-)

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