Saturday, March 5, 2011

I'm pleased to share that the site Landgraff Design Group has designed for "The Shoe Shine Guys" is now live! You can read more about the paper goods and branding we've done for these guys here.

I love to see how a brand can come alive both in print and web form. It's not just about having a strong and memorable brand... it's about using it consistently across all media platforms. Bla bla bla... have I lost you yet?

In the past, I've worked with some great programmers to help my clients' visions to life on the web. For this site however, the client wanted to be able to maintain and easily update the site themselves, so we chose to go with a site through Clover. With Clover sites, you don't need to have any HTML programming skills to edit your site. You don't even need to know what HTML stands for. It could stand for "Here's To Making Love" or "Had Too Much Lasagna" for all you care.

Clover offers a user-friendly "drag and drop" interface that they call the "Greenhouse." Start with one of their templates, skin it with your brand, and you've got one sweet site.

And all within a shoestring budget!

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