Wednesday, March 2, 2011

wish you were here

Hi guys!

I'm excited to share a design that I recently submitted for the AIGA Detroit "Wish You Were Here" postcard competition. I'm not usually one to enter contests, but I liked how the goal of this one was to bring some positive publicity to an area that typically gets a lot of bad media coverage. The top 25 postcards will be printed and used to promote the state of Michigan! :)

I just learned my card design is one of the finalists! Please take a moment and vote here. You don't need to sign up for anything, or give away your firstborn child. Unlike other contests, which require you to sell your soul (or even worse, access to your Facebook account), voting here takes a matter of seconds... just go to the link and click "VOTE." You can vote once daily for the next seven days if you REALLY want to represent. ((grin))

In a nutshell, participants were invited to design a card that promotes Michigan and is based on the theme "Wish You Were Here."

One of my favorite places to visit in Michigan is Traverse Bay. If you've never been, add that to your bucket list. I based my postcard design on this area, which is located on the 45th parallel, offering the perfect climate for lush cherries and grapes that yield some of the world's best wines. Top that off with some stunning 360-degree views when driving up Old Mission Peninsula, and you'd agree that it's truly beautiful.

I've shared some of my other favorite cards as well, including the work of some of my ├╝ber-talented colleagues! See their names and links to vote below each of their cards as well... because it's all about sharing the love!

Do check out all of the card entries if you have a moment... it's cool to see how the same creative call to action can yield so many different ideas!

Wish you were here,

Below are some of my favorite cards. (Click here to view all 48 finalists)

Above by Lauren French.

Above by Lisa Wallace.

Above by Christine Jones.

Above by Danny Jacobs.

Above by Meg Walsh

Above by Fred Restum.

Above by Kyle Lawson.

Above by Nicky Intalan.

Above by Craig Steen.

Above by Kelly MacArthur.

Above by Alex Jacque.

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