Friday, March 11, 2011

DIY Kitchen (and a baby on the back burner)

I'm a huge admirer of people who can repurpose things and make something beautiful out of something, well, ugly. Perhaps that's why I love the "Before & After" section of Design Sponge!

Myself, I'm a person with the best of intentions. My basement is full of things with "potential." But when it comes down to the sanding, stripping paint, or use of any type of tool other than my x-acto knife, and general "getting around to it" of these larger projects, I must confess that I'm a bit of a failure.

Sure, I married the son of a hardware store owner, and he really is quite handy. But I'm saving up points on the "honey do" list for a kitchen reno this spring, so asking him to make a kitchen out of a 70's TV console would be absolutely out of the question.

So no, this is not a project I had any part of, but I wanted to share it nevertheless. It's pure genius, topped with a whole lotta love.

If you'd like to see another phenomenal custom-made kitchen, be sure to visit this article by "The Mrs." I can't say enough about this ├╝ber-talented mom and her hysterical articles on parenting, baking, and frugality. Complete with upper cabinets, chrome knobs, and a fridge, this is the whole kit and kaboodle. If they could have done so, it probably would have running water. Which is only natural for a daughter of a carpenter and a baker and food blogger.

Our son? Well, he got the store-bought kind. Which serves as a perfect segue into this next photo of what our son's been cooking all week in his (not homemade) little kitchen:

So I suppose when the next person asks me if a baby is on the way and I'm tempted to give them one of these cards, I can simply look at them and say, "We've got a baby on the back burner for the time being."


  1. Who is this "amy_before" and "amy_after" person that has created The. Cutest. Kitchen. Ever?

    The gingham curtains! The window picture!

    If we could have two kitchens (and believe me, the way Jr has been eyeing up Miss' stove, we may need to), I would NEED this one.

    NEED it.

    Also, thanks for the mention. You're sweet.

  2. @Sandi – I'll have to look for my source on this again. I pulled it months ago and kept it in my "keep on hand" folder... isn't it sweet? I think that I found it on Design Sponge in the "Before / After" section... just need to see where.

  3. That is such a great idea! So cute!